December 9, 2014

Disney FROZEN FEVER DIY Spring Wreath

Did you hear that Disney is releasing FROZEN FEVER this spring?  That's right.  If you heard the rumor that a follow up of sorts to FROZEN was coming then you're probably about as excited as Kayla.  That would be SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!  I would be lying if I said I was unaffected by this news.  Seeing the sheer joy that FROZEN has brought to my child (which I have chronicled through our DIY Ice Palace, FROZEN Popcorn, Ice Dig and Olaf Onesie) it just seemed appropriate to make something fun.  Therefore I present you with my DIY FROZEN FEVER wreath.

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December 8, 2014

Holiday Kids' Table Ideas

I'm sharing a kid-friendly holiday tablescape with you today.  Thanks to Halos for sponsoring this post so I can share more kid-friendly Christmas DIY projects! #HalosFun

This holiday season is a special one for our family because it's the first time since Kayla was an infant that we'll have my parents and all of my sisters under one roof.  When I think of the holiday season, some of my favorite memories involve the kids' table.  The kids' table is where the very silly and sometimes mischievous or "stevious" (as Kayla says) behavior amongst siblings and cousins happens.  It's where belly laughs and bonding happens.

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December 2, 2014

This Baby Is A St. Jude Baby

Last November I shared about a very special trip I took to an incredibly special place, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It changed my life.  Literally.  Let me explain.  I published this post on Thanksgiving day of 2013.  I urge you to go read it because most of us have heard about St. Jude and have a general idea of what they do.  However, there is just SO much more to the picture than what you see in a 30 second commercial.  If you've done that, then here goes.  Blake was born in August 2014...

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November 17, 2014

The Big Gift - Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser

Thanks to Step2 for sending the Step2 Spin & GO Xtreme Cruiser ride-on toy for us to check out as part of my ambassadorship with Step2. #Step2ambassador

Considering that I recently had a baby, I think our "Christmas came early" photo should probably be the 15ish pound bundle of joy named Blake.  However, if you want to talk about joy, I think the photo below says it all.  Christmas for Kayla actually did come early because Step2 just released their new Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser.  As a child I would have traded any of my earthly possessions and most likely a sibling or two for a vehicle like this.

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November 14, 2014

Letting Go, Just A Little

Three months ago, Blake entered our world.  Since then, a lot of things have changed.   First of all, we are now officially out of bedrooms. Second, we needed help.  Badly.  I very aggressively went back to my "job job" three weeks after having Blake.   Technically, I never stopped working since I was responding to blog related emails from the hospital.  Psycho.

Crafting a star pinata with Elmer's glue #MotorolaBabyMonitor

November 10, 2014

2 Minute Curls - an Everyday Look with Conair Curl Secret

I created my 2 minute curls using the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias #HeartMyHair

I recently told you about my minor beauty rut.  Okay, it was a full on self maintenance meltdown.  The arrival of Blake very quickly ended my days of having an independent child and time for things like mascara.  Then there was the hair.  OH the hair.  The hair needed help.  SO much help.  But who has time for that?  Recently I acquired a fab hair dryer and I decided to revisit my little love affair with the Conair Curl Secret.  Want a ridiculously quick way to look pulled together? Come in to my new bathroom and let me show you 2 minute curls.

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